Friday, October 2, 2009

Been Awhile!

Been some time since I been to service due to the fact I been sick! I will be at Bible Study Wed. evening though. I been not feeling well but I'm getting there and I'm going to be back and better than ever. I can't take being sick I really can't. I just wished my beautiful sister a very Happy Birthday and I'm not done yet!! She will be so surprised when she sees what I'm planning on twitter!

I been reading the Scriptures and I'm in Exodus. Yes I still kept on reading my Scriptures! Been praying but not as steadfast as I should be but starting tonight I will be.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunday's Service!

Well I have to say that I clearly enjoyed the Watchtower study because it helped me to appreciate how not to get caught up in the world's web of lies. How to be truthful to our family, neighbor, and on the job. It's so honest and helped us to keep ourselves in check. One example I so relate to is how others are on the internet during work hours doing everything else but doing an honest work for an honest pay. I mean I remember in one office the ladies were on Myspace and Perez Hilton weblog instead of getting down to business and guess who ended up filling in the quota? Yes you guessed it me. It was so uncool on so many reasons, but instead of complain I did what another point in the article brought out, I just mind my own business. I don't have to know every detail or complain about everything. Had a great study afterwards but all in all my Sunday went pretty well. I just wished I had more Sundays where I can attend service come home and relax! Instead of being on the go I can just have my private time for Bible reading get caught up in the week for Bible Study Watchtower Study and things of that nature. 

I'm getting far along in my year long Scripture reading you know the schedule that was placed in the Watchtower about a month ago if I remember correctly. Well I'm half way through the book of Genesis. I like to start from the beginning because I wasn't actually on task with that project. Hey it happens but I'm not making an excuse for it I just disciplined myself and got cracking on it right away. 

Random Project!

Name all 12 Disciples
Simon (Peter)
Simon (Cananaean)
Judas Iscariot (The betrayer)
James (Son of Alphaeus)

Can you name them all? 

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Becoming Well Versed In The Scriptures!!

I'm becoming well versed as I begin my reading of the Scriptures, meaning it's been quoted all over the Watchtower publications how it takes an entire year to read the entire Bible. So much so that in the latest edition, they have included a Bible reading schedule for the year long process. I'm getting to the point that I can recite scriptures even write them out. That's a blessing to me, I love it!

I read as often as possible and I don't know I just became in love with the Scriptures and can relate to many topics. I want to form a close bond with Jehovah and his son Jesus, so I will do all I can to keep that special bond. I don't need any outside influence trying to hinder me from becoming closer to the Creator that is why I pushed so many people that were poison out of my circle. Studying with Jehovah's Witnesses and attending the meetings have saved my life I mean Jehovah has a purpose for all his creation and now that I realized mine I can't be any more happier. Just have to go out and make good on my assignment that Jesus left his Apostles before he ascended onto the Heavens to be with Jehovah. It's to go and make Disciples!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Bible Study!

Attended the Service Meeting Wednesday night and I must say it touched on some powerful messages. It touched on keeping clean in all respects when it comes to representing Jehovah. I have to say that is just the most awesome study. I mean it's more than just being physically clean and presentable it's about being clean spiritually mentally I mean how can you say you love your brother but willing to hurt him? I love the topic it also touched about remaining clean from any harmful or toxic habits. I love meeting other brothers and sisters in the truth because they are so welcoming and meek.

Those qualities are what draw me to them every time. I used to wonder why the elders would focus so much on being wary of the company you keep, I see why. Anyway, I have to also talk about my constant headaches I'm going to see about that because it's not normal how it hurts constantly and worse when I lay down in my bed so first thing tomorrow if it doesn't get any better I am going to the hospital. Though I'm thankful to Jehovah that my brother will not be attending a terrible High School and will be making a step closer to his future!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Kingdom Hall!

Yes, I went to the Kingdom Hall Sunday and enjoyed the message about having a Zeal for Jehovah! Next Weeks message will be having a zeal for the ministry and I am very excited!!! I have Bible Study meeting Wednesday night at around 7:30 and I am oh so excited. Getting back to where it all matters which is a close relationship with Jehovah and I have to say it's the greatest feeling in the world. My Monday was going to start off really bad but then I was not going to let one patch in the road just ruin my day or my week I refuse to let that happen I'm better than that you know? I read an interesting article in the Watchtower which included a Bible reading schedule that lays out how we all can read the entire Bible in one year if we set aside some time with guided Scripture reading. My goodness I know my Father Jehovah is proud and that is all who I am trying to please.

I'm still working on my temper and I see that my weakness is I have a bad habit of holding my anger until something works my nerves terrible then I let it out! I have to learn how to express my feelings without a contentious attitude and then to let it go. I put some despicable people out of my life and I am happy about that! You see it shows how we can appreciate the Scripture in Corinthians about bad associations.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Introduction Like No Other!

Well I said I was going to go after another angle of my writing. Well it's just to be blunt and not really care about what others are going to think at the end of the day. I know I should be really careful but hey I love the freedom of expression. That's probably why I write so much and fill up my Journals. Honestly, when I want to vent my frustrations my poor Journal ends up getting the worse part of my temper. One thing I love about it it's not going to blabbing your business, it's your shoulder to cry on and you don't have to worry about it judging you because you judge for yourself when you read it later. I look at my past entries and ask myself what the hell was I going through? What was I thinking then? What's funny is I can love a person one entry or 4 then the next 20 is venting how they get on my last nerve.

I also like to write about my travels and I can tell some funny things about some excursions I been on. Anyway, I love to travel and stay away at times but one thing I lack is discipline at times to sit and be dedicated to a project without saying the hell with it! I have to push myself a lot of times and I know I'm not the only one that is like that. I also love reading a lot of novels not the romance fluff. The subjects I love are suspense and thrillers. A lot of Horror and some erotica I love them and not to get off if that's what you think! As you continue to read you will get to know my Creative Side!! I can get poetic and sometimes well you have to see for yourself.